Sausage Reviews and Getting Started Guide 2019

Welcome! Today, we bring you something very special from the category of Arcade games. Today’s game is about a special kitchen recipe. The mobile game title is; Sausage Yea, you read it right! And just in case you are wondering why you have not heard about the game; it’s a completely new mobile game. However, there are already lots of players out there already enjoying the addictive gaming experience of Sausage Stay with us on this article as we examine the features that make Sausage exciting and fun to play.

About Sausage Mobile Game


Get ready for war the very seconds you launch Sausage on your device. Be prepared to fight your enemies till they are oozing ketchup. Yes, that’s how intense the battle can get. In the game, your goal is to help the infamous Sausage fight and defeat his enemies.

The game offers easy to understand controls. With a few hours of practice, you will be ready to take on the strongest of the sausage rivals. To maneuver your sausage around the battle riddled area, simply tap and hold the direction button. Effortlessly destroy the enemy sausage by releasing the control button to cause the to be forcedly pushed into sharp objects.

The character graphics of the game is somewhat funny and amusing. To some extent, it appeals more to kids and teens. With that, it do be safe to assume that Sausage is targeted more to children and kids. The character graphics makes it especially thrilling and fascinating to them. perhaps, it’s because they are in a cartoon format. However, that is not to say that adults and other people can’t indulge themselves in the game as well.

Fun Facts About Sausage

Here are some interesting facts that may interest you about the game.

The game (version 1.01) was first released in August 26, 2019. Since then, it has received three updates. The last and current updated version 1.0.4 was released on September 13, 2019. With over 100,000 downloads, it current have a rating score of 3.8. Certainly not bad for a relatively new game.

How to Get Started Playing Sausage

Tweaks for Sausage gameThe steps involved in getting started with the game is pretty simple ad straight-forward. First off, it is a “freeware” game. Hence, it’s free to download and install in any of your mobile gaming devices. The steps involved in having the game on your device is determined by which device you are currently rocking. For iPhone users, you will have to head over to the Apple store and search for the game using its name are the search query. For Android users; Google Play Store is the place you should be starting from. Once there, simply use the game name as the search query. Click on the install button right beside the game icon. That will initiate the download process. Be patient for the game to be fully downloaded. Once the download is completed, it will automatically initiate the installation process. Wait it out till the game is fully installed.

Congratulation! You have successfully downloaded and installed the latest version of Sausage on your device. Navigate to your phone menu and search for the newly installed game. Once its located, click on the game icon to launch the game. it may take a while for the game to be fully started. How long it will take is not known. However, it depends on the RAM and processing power of your device. That’s why it is always recommended to get one of the best gaming phones for a superior gaming experience.