The All-New Crazy Kick Mobile Game for Football Lovers

crazy KickWelcome to crazy kick football mobile game. crazy kick is a mobile game designed specifically for football lovers. Come, showcase your skills and talent of dribbling and scoring goals. The game is jam-packed with lots of amazing features that together make it a fantastic gaming experience. So, in today’s article, we will examine some of the crazy kick features that make it worth downloading, installing and playing. So, sit back, relax and enjoy this piece.

About Crazy Kick

As already hinted in the above opening paragraph, crazy kick is a mobile game targeted at all football fans. CK players have one important mission. That mission is to score as many goals as possible. To achieve the goal-scoring objective of Crazy Kick mobile game, players must move swiftly and overtake their opponents. That’s not enough! At the slightest opportunity, they must take every single goal-scoring opportunity.

Crazy kick brings to your phone screen a complete football gaming experience that’s second to none. The game features High Definition graphics that add fun and excitement to the overall gaming experience. The mobile phone football game also boosts of easy-to-use controls. With few practices, the controls, as well as its functions, can easily be mastered.

Fun Facts About Crazy Kick

Crazy Kick is an Arcade game. The first edition of the game (Version 1.0.1) was released in late August (08/30/2019). On September 16, 2019, version 1.1.0 was released with several major and minor bugs fixed. Till date, the game has recorded over a million counts in active downloads. The game is targeted at all age. That means that there is no limitation or restrictions placed on crazy kick.

It should also interest you to know that CK is a “freeware”. By freeware, it means that anybody can search for the game, download and install it on their devices freely. However, you should know that CK offers several in-app purchases. These are in the form of upgrades.

Features of Crazy Kick

Crazy Kick Features

With over 1,000,000 records of active downloads, there must be certain features that are making the game popular. In the paragraphs that follow, we examine some of the amazing Crazy Kick features.

Stunning Graphics: the graphics are second to none. With real-looking players, the game offers a real football gaming experience that leaves players glued to their phone screen all-day-long.

Small Size: one would think that with the CK stunning graphics, the game would be heavy in size. Fortunately, such an assumption is not true. Contrary to popular belief, the offer comes in a relatively small size of 59.0 MB. That makes the download and installation process a breeze.

Defenders and Wingers: your goal area and forward are not left in isolation. The defenders are ever ready to attack and defend incoming opponents from registering goals. Also, your wingers are super skillful in converting slightest chances into possible goal-scoring opportunity.

New Game Levels: the developers of CK are constantly keeping things interesting and unpredictable. One of the ways they achieve such feat is through the introduction of new game levels. Just when you think you are at the end of the journey, something new and exciting springs out at you. How interesting and thrilling is that? I don’t know the amount you, for me, I do say it’s fascinating and engaging.


Are you new to Crazy Kick? Are you an already Crazy Kick Player? Whatever be the case, we do like to hear your experience about the game. did you find it interesting or annoying? If you found it to be interesting what factors contributed? If you found it annoying; we do also be interested in knowing what factors were responsible. All these and more you can tell us via our comment box below.