2019 Cooking Fever Hack Challenge: Everything You Need to Know

Cooking fever is a MUST-HAVE for all folks that are interested in running their very own restaurant. The game exposes you to the every-day challenges of running a successful fast-food business. In this article; we talk about Cooking Fever, supported platforms and the best cooking fever hacks guaranteed to yield remarkable results. So, stick with us to the end.

About Cooking Fever Hack

cooking fever hackAs earlier talked about, Cooking fever is a restaurant themed kind of game. Players in the game must strive to make their fast-food restaurant a success. To do so, they must endeavor at all times to satisfy every single customer that stops by their food shop.

Out of the box, players are given a few types of equipment to get started with their restaurant business. However, they are allowed to upgrade their cooking equipment gradually. The new upgrades are to help them accommodate and serve their customers better as their business grows and expands.

For instance, when they first start playing cooking fever, one set of cooking utensil are given them. Coffee dispenser, burger, and a hot dog griller come as one set each. But you can upgrade to more cooking utensils as the customer demands begin to increase.

you have the option of serving your customers burger, hot dog, coffee, chips, and cupcakes. When grilling the hot dog sausage, you want to make sure that you watch it closely, so it doesn’t get burned. Every time you get food burnt, your scores are subtracted. You can prevent your food from getting burnt by watching it periodically. When the sausage is done, you have two options; put it inside the burger or on the food warmer. When you add it to a burger, it means that the burger is ready to be served as a customer. However, placing it on the food warmer will help keep the sausage warmed until its ready to be served to a customer. The more food warmer you have the better you will get at serving your customers better.

Cooking Fever Hack: Improve Your Game Experience with these Cooking Fever Cheats

In this section, we share of ground-breaking cooking fever hack that will help you record impressive scores. Additionally, these Cooking Fever Cheats will dramatically enhance your gaming experience. So, without any further delay, let’s jump right into the business of the day as share these awesome hacks for cooking fever.

More Food Warmer; The Faster Customers Get Served

One food warmer means you can only preserve one sausage at a time. What happens when customers’ demand begins tripling? You will discover that some customers’ needs will be ignored. Hence, customers will start leaving after waiting for a long time without their orders being fulfilled. Making sure that no customer with a Burger demand leaves unsatisfied is the edge that more than one Food Warmer brings to the table. With more than one food warmer, you can prepare surplus sausages in advance. That way you will never run out of stock when customers demand begins to increase.

Although you have the option of upgrading to more than one food warmer, there are some limits. Players can upgrade to a maximum of four food warmers. After four, you can’t upgrade any further. But four food warmers are way better than one food warmer that every cooking fever game players start out with.

Coffee Dispenser Upgrade: Go for the Maximum three sets

The same rule is applicable to the coffee dispenser. Coffee is usually one of the most ordered items from a fast-food restaurant. So, you have to stock up if you really want to meet every customers’ coffee demand. But then, how can you achieve such feat with just one coffee dispenser? That would be very difficult (if not impossible). So, spend that money so that your customers can smile away from your shop with a steaming cup of their favorite coffee in their hands.

Unlike the sausage grill that you constantly must monitor to prevent your food from getting burnt, the coffee dispenser automatically stops once the coffee gets to a reasonable level. It saves you time to focus on other important tasks that will increase your chance of serving your customers effectively and efficiently.

Be on Look Out for Cupcake Demands

As you progress in the game, there are certain levels that will prove difficult. The trick in getting around difficult levels is serving customers with cupcakes. However, there is a catch! Customers’ demand for cupcakes doesn’t usually last long. That means that you may not even be aware of such demands. In most cases, you will only notice such demands when it’s too late to fulfill them. so, be alert! Be ready to fulfill them immediately for a chance to score high in the game.